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Vacant Staging

Whether you are a homeowner, Real Estate Agent/Broker/Investor or Builder, our team will transform your property by bringing in furnishings and accessories that fit with the style of your property.

Occupied Staging

We offer two types of service for an Occupied Staging:

    1. Walk and Talk Consultation- where a member of our team would meet with you and give you very specific ideas and suggestions on what you can do yourself to stage your home to sell for top dollar.
    2. Hands on Occupied Staging – where our team would use as many or as little of your own furnishings and accessories as you wish. We would then add as much of our inventory as your budget and time allow.


If you are not selling your home, but, would like to change up the look of your living space, Re-Design is a more cost effective alternative to hiring an Interior Designer. Again, we can do as little or as much as your budget and time allow.

Color Consultation

Transformed Spaces will offer color choices and ideas that allow you to express yourself  through the use of color. This includes color ideas for paint, furniture and accessories that blend to create a beautiful home that suits your individual style.

Shopping Assistance

This service is for the homeowner that, for whatever reason, would like help in choosing furniture and accessories for their space. This could include providing ideas and suggestions for individual furniture pieces and accessories to one of our team members shopping for the items for you.